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Empower Your Company Culture in Los Angeles: No More Waiting, It's All You!

Aug 31, 2023

Why a Vibrant Culture of Health is Crucial in Corporate Wellness Los Angeles

Ever wondered how impactful a shipshape culture of health can be for corporate wellness, especially in a competitive market like Los Angeles?

We're not just talking smooth sailing... we're talking about catching the trade winds in your sails every single day. If your company hasn't set its course in this direction yet, it's time to weigh anchor.

Just imagine reducing workplace stress and inefficiency, and start basking in a boatload of engagement, enthusiasm, and productivity.


The Tangible Benefits of Employee Wellness in LA

When the crew is happy and thriving, the whole ship sails better, and that's the cornerstone of corporate wellness. Los Angeles, listen up: research supports this strong tide between employee happiness and productivity.

📺 Check out this inspirational video: "Brave"

Happy employees are fully engaged members of the crew. In LA's corporate wellness scene, a motivated team can make your company the flagship in the industry.


Setting Sail Toward a Culture of Health: Corporate Health Coach Los Angeles Insights

As a certified corporate wellness coach in LA, I can tell you that fostering a culture of health is no drop in the ocean. It's not just a "lunch and learn" or a one-off seminar that creates this environment.

If you're navigating these waters for the first time, start by Getting Ready to Form Your Wellness Committee.


Attitude is Key: A Tip from Your Corporate Health and Wellness Coach in Los Angeles

Here's the lowdown: attitude can make or break your journey. As a seasoned corporate wellness coach in Los Angeles, I've seen companies transform simply by staying steadfast in a positive attitude.


Collaboration and Communication

You could try to man the ship alone, but remember, two heads are better than one in workplace wellness. By forming a Worksite Wellness Committee, you're enlisting an experienced crew ready to help your corporate wellness program in Los Angeles set sail.


Take the Next Step

Ready to sail full steam ahead? Don't forget, you're the captain steering this voyage. Plot your course, and set sail toward a vibrant culture of health.

If you're looking for more resources to bolster your corporate wellness journey in LA, check out Embracing Professional Growth in HR.

To your health!


(Image Source: Statue of a ship's captain in Gloucester, MA)

Corporate wellness coach and lifestyle expert, Derek Opperman is the founder of LifeUp Health Coaching. LifeUp designs corporate health programs that deliver the “Aha!” moments employees need in order to shift their behaviors from lackluster to exceptional. Derek is based in LA, California and is available for speaking events across the US, global and virtual summits, podcasts, and interviews. LifeUP’s Healthy Habits for the Busy Business Corporate Employee Wellness Program is a transformational, research-backed, comprehensive curriculum delivered in-person, online, or in a hybrid framework.

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