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We know the challenges that you face running your organization. In an age of distributed teams, high employee turnover, non-stop meetings, and performance fatigue, employee wellness coaching is still the workplace imperative for an optimized organization.
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LifeUP’s corporate health programs are designed to help employees improve their lives while helping employers reduce costs and increase performance without making another full-time job for your Human Resources department.
Customize our curriculum to meet nearly any company size and budget. From one-off 'lunch and learns' to our signature corporate health coaching program, Healthy Habits for the Busy Business, we've got you and your people covered.
I invite you to read on and learn about how we transform organizations and the communities they impact through our corporate health and wellness programs. I look forward to having a conversation with you and your team about the difference LifeUP can make for your organization.


Want to offer your employees a workplace wellbeing program that delivers results?


Result-Driven Corporate Health Programs in LA

Delivered in Eight Foundational Pillars, all designed to teach and implement health practices that empower employees with new access to actions they can implement immediately.

Delivered in Eight Foundational Pillars, all designed to teach and implement health practices that empower employees with new access to actions they can implement immediately.

Want to utilize one section of the Workplace Wellbeing Programs at a time for a particular office theme or event?

Challenges, Individual Pillars, and Continued  Learning

Individual pillars

Each one of the aforementioned pillars can be conducted in conjunction with a company theme, perfect for an already-set monthly topic.


30-day guided challenges can be done in conjunction with any pillar or as a standalone offering, bringing the distinction of the workshops to daily life.

Continued Learning

Weekly or twice-weekly classes for companies that want to offer their employees ongoing support with any of the pillar topics.

Planning a team building event?

Bring the conversation of health and well-being to your next company summit or conference!

Summits and Conferences

We’re available to conduct keynote speeches, workshop pillars, health ‘scavenger hunts’, and friendly competition to keep events fun, effective and memorable.

Speaking & Keynote

Have Derek come to and speak at your next Company Wellness Day or Promotional Health event.

Expert Facilitator & Consultant on Corporate Health & Wellness

Let Derek support you and your teams with establishing, elevating, or redesigning your Corporate Health and Wellness programs.  From forming your employee health and wellness committee, to establishing the best regimen - from your busy C-suite executives to all the team members in between, Derek is the #1 facilitator to guide your company’s workplace wellbeing programs’ success.

Transform your
workplace wellness

Elevate your organization's health culture with our groundbreaking guide.

"8 Simple Steps to Build a Company Culture of Health HR's Ultimate Employee Wellness Initiatives Workbook."

This exclusive, first-of-its-kind resource in the U.S. offers practical, step-by-step strategies to enhance employee well-being and productivity.

Why You Need This eBook:

  • Implement proven wellness strategies.
  • Gain a competitive edge in employee satisfaction.
  • Foster a thriving, health-focused workplace.

Start shaping a healthier future for your business.

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