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LifeUP: A radical new approach to corporate health, wellness and a thriving workplace culture.

LifeUP delivers comprehensive, experiential programs that deliver the ‘a-ha’ moments that transform the wellness of companies, leaving their employees looking, feeling, and performing their very best.

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My company LifeUP delivers comprehensive, experiential programs that deliver the ‘a-ha’ moments that transform the wellness of companies, leaving their employees looking, feeling, and performing their very best.

Derek is a corporate wellness coach and lifestyle expert who supports employees to experience the fulfillment of their potential so that their companies save money and build a flourishing culture of all-in-one turnkey premium service.

His company LifeUP’s Healthy Habits for the Busy Business program is a transformational, research-backed, comprehensive curriculum delivered in-person, online, or in a hybrid framework.

Derek is a decorated athlete, all-natural physique competitor, and Fortune 500 speaker who never forgets he was just a middle-class kid with a big head, bad haircut, and bad skin until he discovered health is a choice to make every single day. He acknowledges and speaks to the inner nerd in all of us.

Derek is based in LA, California, and is available for speaking events across the US, global and virtual summits, podcasts, and interviews.

"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”

Discussion Topics

  • You have the time! How to weave health and wellbeing into an impossible schedule
  • Nutrition - foundational foods that boost energy and performance
  • Stress mitigation - practices to master yourself and your environment
  • Detoxification strategies - cleaning up our bodies in a toxic world
  • Exercise and movement - what type and how much is best for you
  • Why Rest and Recovery are the secret to peak performance

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Derek is the #1 Coaching and Consulting Professional in the industry for having employers and employees experience fulfillment through holistic, comprehensive corporate health and wellness programs.  

Derek is your #1 keynote and motivational speaker on the future of corporate Health and Wellness Programs.

From his own origin story of overcoming physical challenges, and a parent needing mental health support, to the 1000's 1:1 clients that have relied on Derek's whole being coaching, his talks will inspire, engage, and motivate your employees from leadership to supporting staff members. 



"It was great to feel challenged and motivated to 'move' more.  I am on the road to better habits and I’m really grateful. I really appreciate the time you spent making sure we succeeded in a way that was important for each of us."

Heidi H., Baker Hughes

"Derek helped me develop my ‘keystone habits. Simple practices done daily that seemed almost inconsequential at the time..those, combined behavior tracking through wearable tech have kept 60lbs off for the last three years."

Ben G., Robotics Executive

"LifeUP provided a clear framework for both foods and workouts that I know I can just wake up and do without thinking about it, which helps me integrate it all much more seamlessly into my life."

Chantelle N., Baker Hughes

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