Derek Opperman certified corporate health coach in los angeles in a blue shirt is smiling in front of a camera

About Derek

LifeUP : A radical new approach to corporate health, wellness, and thriving workplace culture.

Derek Opperman certified corporate health coach in los angeles in a blue shirt is smiling in front of a window

Who is Derek Opperman?

Derek has been a corporate wellness coach and lifestyle expert for over 10 years. He understands how employees can experience the fulfillment of their potential so that companies save money while building an inspiring culture all at once with one turnkey premium service!

His company, LifeUP delivers comprehensive programs that provide the "a-ha" moments to transform employee wellness. With an immersive experience for each individual attendee, LifeUP creates transformative change for everyone. Because of this, Derek has managed to make his services become highly sought after by leading employers all over North America!

Derek Opperman is a decorated athlete, all-natural physique competitor, and Fortune 500 speaker who never forgets he was just a middle-class kid with a big head, bad haircut, and bad skin until he discovered health is a choice to make every single day. He acknowledges and speaks to the inner nerd in all of us.

Derek is based in LA, California, and is available for speaking events across the US, global and virtual summits, podcasts, and interviews.

"I am committed to delivering the experiences of fulfillment that corporations and large organizations are able to cultivate by empowering their leadership and employees to live optimized lives so that they can create healthy families and thriving communities."

What LifeUP is built on:

A group of employees doing exercises with dumbbells in an office.


LifeUP designs and delivers wellness programs that teach companies and employees how to be healthy for life.


Create a world where healthy habits are accessible for everyone who desires to look, feel, and perform their very best.


A young black man and woman are posing for a photo in a park.


  • Have a GROWTH mindset.

  • Find BALANCE.

  • Experience FUN.

  • Deliver FULFILLMENT.

  • BE the change.


  •  Develop exercise practices that fit and work in YOUR lifestyle

  • Empowering individuals to recognize, plan, and make 'Thumbs Up' nutritional choices under any circumstance

  • Discover and implement healthy habits that benefit you in life

LifeUP Corporate Health & Wellness looks forward to partnering with you.


Heidi H.

"It was great to feel challenged and motivated to 'move' more. I am on the road to better habits and I’m really grateful. I really appreciate the time you spent making sure we succeeded in a way that was important for each of us."

Ben G.

"Derek helped me develop my ‘keystone habits.’ Simple practices done daily that seemed almost inconsequential at the time..those, combined behavior tracking through wearable tech have kept 60lbs off for the last three years."

Chantelle N.

"LifeUP provided a clear framework for both foods and workouts that I know I can just wake up and do without thinking about it, which helps me integrate it all much more seamlessly into my life."

Meet The Team

Chris Trammell the Mindset and Performance coach

Chris Trammell - Mindset and Performance

Life Work Expert, and Purpose and Performance Coach. My diverse, multi-passionate career combines nearly 2 decades of Transformational Work and Coaching, 20 years of Sports Psychology & Competition, Educational Program & Curriculum Development, and Leadership Training while weaving in effective communication, timeless wisdom, and inspiring human potential. I cause others to shine.

Francisco ramos the mindfulness and meditation coach

Francisco Ramos - Mindfulness and Meditation

Francisco Ramos is the self care specialist bringing awareness to the mind and body. With over 10 years of experience, Francisco is trained in facilitating yoga practices, meditations, sound baths, breathwork exercises, and group discussions. He works with individuals or groups, leading conversations on topics such as workplace empathy, inclusivity, and gratitude. Francisco inspires others to connect with themselves and each other.

Jamie atkinson the yoga, ayurveda and sound healing coach

Jamie Atkinson - Yoga, Ayurveda and sound meditation

Jamie Sue is a Chopra Global certified instructor in Ayurveda: Perfect Health and Primordial Sound Meditation. She is passionate about empowering others to live life with more purpose, balance, and peace using Ayurvedic principles. These are the tools that transformed her life for the better, allowing her to heal, connect to her wholeness, and live life with deeper joy. She is grateful to share this knowledge and inspire others to create greater well-being in their own lives.

Allison wells nutrition coach

Allison Wells - Nutrition

Allison is a born and raised health-conscious Californian, becoming a vegetarian at 14. Since then has spent a lifetime making plant based foods unequivocally delicious. She supplemented her love of food with science and performance, receiving multiple nutrition certifications and a degree from the University of Colorado in broadcast journalism. Today you can find her coaching and consulting with private clients, groups and companies as well as on local Los Angeles Television stations promoting her latest culinary delights.

Abigail ortega the stress management coach

Abigail Ortega - Stress management

Abigail D. Ortega, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who leads a group psychotherapy practice. Before starting her private counseling practice, Abigail worked in several community, educational and medical settings. Her diverse experience included providing assessments and therapy to people and families of all ages and backgrounds. In addition to Abigail’s extensive experience working with children, teens  and families, she has expertise in counseling high-risk populations, mothers with maternal depression, clients with chemical dependencies, and those with psychiatric disorders.

Malachi mott the creativity and play coach

Malachi Mott - Creativity and Play

Malachi empowers artists to create art the world deserves. Based in L.A., Malachi is dedicated to creating artistic masterpieces as well as helping others do the same. WIth over 15 years as a professional musician, he is able to produce many styles of music to high levels while supporting other artists in doing the same.
Upon graduating from Berklee College of Music, Malachi honed his skills in the studios at Interscope Records for 6 years. Currently, he remixes and produces music via as well as teaching music production to those impacted by incarceration.

Dr henry qi the sleep rest and recovery coach

Dr. Henry Qiu - Sleep, rest and recovery

Is a doctor of sleep medicine treating insomnia and sleep apnea for children and adults in the greater Los Angeles area. Through his comprehensive education at UCLA, the International Academy of Sleep, and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine he has acquired a deep understanding of how poor sleep can be the core cause of almost all chronic illnesses. These illnesses such as depression, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, and dementia significantly affect child development and quality of life in adults. He founded Everest Sleep Center to stay current on the latest medical technology and provide accessible sleep solutions so all Americans can have the freedom to live the life of our dreams.

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